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POWER GENEX Pneumatic Actuator

POWER GENEX: Pneumatic Actuator Scotch Yoke

"ออกแบบโดยใช้เทคโนโลยี Scotch-Yoke"
PGDS series Pneumatic Actuators are designed using Scotch-Yoke technology from PGDS 50 to the largest of PGDS 200. Scotch-Yoke technology is well known to all users as the most suitable actuator mechanism for valve and damper operation as it produces higher torque at both end positions.
• Ranges available are 10Nm through 4000Nm double acting, and 5Nm through 1900Nm spring return.
• The range of ambient temperature for standard operation is -20oC~ 80oC as standard (For higher and lower temperature applications please consult manufacturer before placing order).
• Mounting dimensions follow ISO5211, DIN3337, NAMUR, VDI/VDE3845 standards, The drive shafts come in various sizes with double square shaped female bore for accomodating valve shaft, Spring package is pre-compressed for increased safety, Extremely long service life and reliable performance
POWER GENEX Pneumatic Actuator Scotch Yoke Catalogue
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