CSV Ceramic Slurry Valve

CSV Ceramic Slurry Valve

Severe Service Slurry Valve

Structural ceramics are used on the valve gate and seat to resist wear, corrosion, high temperatures and thermal shock.

Product is suitable for conveying wearing media, including dust and particles in vacuum systems.

Dual seats create bi-directional sealing.

Required operating power is low; manual, electric and pneumatic actuators may be used.

Materials are selected on an application basis. Options include Super Duplex Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Stainless Steel, Cast Steel, and otheres, as required.

Multiple ANSI and DIN flange standards are available. Higher classes available.

Typically used for on / off service.

Ceramic Seat materials are also selected on an application basis. Options include high alumina cermics, silicon carbide, and others.


Used in these Application :

Power Plant Bottom Ash

Bottom ash pyrite systems

FGD Slurry Systems

Conveying Systems for dust,Powder and slurry in mining and aluminum production