Dome Valve

The most effective bulk material handling valve in the world.

This highly innovative and well proven product from Clyde Materials Handling is probably the most effective, fast closing, bulk material handling valve in the world.

If was developed by Clyde Materials Handling in 1974 for use within the company's own advanced range of pneumatic conveying systems. Soon afterwards the valve's much broader application capabilities were realised and it was offered as a stand-alone product.

To date,more than 20,000 Dome Valves have been sold world-wide,for applications across a range of industried including , food , pharmacerticals , chemicals , plastics , minerals , power , iron and steel

User Benefits

- Full bore unobstructed material flow.

- Simple,fully proven design.

- Can cut through moving or static columns of material.

- Wide range of valve sizes : 50mm(2") to 650mm(26")

- Forms pressure tight seal when closed.

- Can cope with pressures up to 35 bar (507 psi)

- Can handle material temperatures from-20 C to + 750 C (-4 F to 138 F)

- Long operating life.

- Up to 1,000,000 cycles between major overhauls with most materials.

- Low maintenance.

- Ready availability of spare parts.

Materials Handled


- Toxic

- Hazardous

- Friable

- Cohesive

- Detergents

- Minerals

- Ores

- Chemicals

- Ash

- Granules

- Powders