SG-Lok flareless tube fittings have been specifically designed and manufactured for use on instrumentation, process and control systems, equipment employed in chemical, petroleum, nuclear power generation, and pulp and paper plants. The SG-Lok tube fitting has also found extensive application in other fields where a very high quality tube fitting is required.


Construction and Materials

SG-Lok tube fittings are sequential phase controlled action, sealing and gripping device. Superior design, rigid manufacturing tolerances, and strict quality assurance programs produce an all-metal sealing and holding device which performs leak-free when properly installed.
The SG-Lok flareless tube fittings consist of a body, a nut, front ferrule and back ferrule. Straight fittings are made of solid bar stock and shaped bodies (tees, elbows and crosses) are made from forgings, made from bar stock bought to special restricted requirement.