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HEAT MANAGEMENT: Infrasound Soot Cleaning System

ระบบทำความสำอาดเขม่า Boiler ด้วยคลื่น Infrasound"
• Our Infrasound cleaners (low frequency acoustic cleaning) improves the profitability of boilers. This has been achieved thru more efficient soot cleaning in e.g. economizers, air-preheaters and catalysts (SCR’s), with a general payback time of about 6 to 24 months. Traditional soot cleaning technologies such as steam sootblowing, shot cleaning, sonic cleaning (high frequency) and manual cleaning are generally heavily reduced or eliminated in these applications.
• Our range of products is the result of our unique knowledge and our customer focus. We calculate the optimal size and design of the acoustic cleaner for each customer’s particular need and the spatial possibilities of each installation. Read more in our brochures about Infrasound and the benefits of our products.

• The Infrasound Soot Cleaner works in one to three minute cycles, insonating (generating short sound blasts) for just one to three seconds, as long as the boiler is running. It is operated by compressed air at 5 to 8 bar (70 to 115 psi).
• The insonating and cycle time are regulated by a control unit, which also measures the sound pressure that is generated
• The main parts of the Infrasound Soot Cleaner are the Insonator, which is the heart of the system, the Resonance tube, and the Dif-fuser. The Insonator is fed with com-pressed air, which is then convert-ed into infrasound waves. This con-version is controlled by a patented system.
• The powerful infrasound waves are then transfered into the flue gas flow, building up a sound pattern that prevents soot build-up in the targeted area of the boiler. The Sonic Soot Cleaner is equipped with a vibration damper, which reduces structure borne sound

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