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TECOFI Centric Butterfly Valve

TECOFI: Centric Butterfly Valve

"หลากหลายขนาดตามการใช้งาน หน้าแปลนมาตรฐาน ISO 5211"
• Concentric design
• Soft seat design
• No pins needed to attach the disc to the shaft, only 2 parts in contact with the medium
• Replaceable body lining with firm back-up ring
• Materials for almost all media
• Direct mounting of actuators without any additional brackets
• PN10, PN16, ANSI150, JIS10K
• Size 40-1200
• Maximum working pressure 16 bar.
• Maximum working temperature -15°C / +130°C.
• Peak temperature -30°C / +150°C
• Mounting flange in accordance with ISO5211
TECOFI Centric Butterfly Valve Catalogue
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