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Complete Set

Customers can choose brands that they like freely.

and can bring customers' products to use our service 


By MTE Ltd., we provide complete set of valve assembly services and control systems according to the needs of customers and can be customized for both Valve (valve) / Actuator (driver) / Positioner (controller) / Solenoid (solenoid). / Limit Switch Box (locator)

Knife Gate Valve Control.jpg

A team of sales engineers specializes in valve product technique. can give advice on product selection maintenance and analyze problems on site according to the correct engineering principles and technician team to service, repair, assemble and test products with standard tools before delivering to customers and after sales service

• Technical Support

• Maintenance

• Installation

• Assembled

• Service on site

• And more all service

** Service Valve MTE service, customers can bring the customer's actuator or valve to assemble with MTE products.

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